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  • 2022/08/08Boss Battle 29 “All Out Attack”(Revised)
  • 2022/07/30Boss Battle 38 “Defeat the Darkness”(Revised)
  • 2022/07/23Boss Battle 34 “Blizzard Shield”(Revised)
  • 2022/07/21Boss Battle 61 “Nameless Knight Overture”
  • 2022/05/26Boss Battle 61 “Nameless Knight” (Revised)
  • 2022/05/18Boss Battle 54 “Dragon Slayer” (Revised)
  • 2022/05/10Boss Battle 47 “God of Blaze” (Revised)
  • 2022/05/06Boss Battle 49 “Battle of Giants” (Revised)
  • 2022/05/04Boss Battle 27 “Dragon War” (Revised)
  • 2022/05/02Boss Battle 11 “Valkyria” (Revised)
  • 2022/03/301st Album “Dragon World” Released
  • 2022/03/29Boss Battle 65 “Durandal” (Revised)
  • 2022/03/25Boss Battle 33 “Dark Blade” (Revised)
  • 2022/03/24Boss Battle 44 “Colossal Enemy” (Revised)
  • 2022/03/23Boss Battle 37 “Army of Minotaur” (Revised)
  • 2022/03/21Boss Battle 46 “Endless Storm” (Revised)
  • 2022/03/16Boss Battle 9 “Grendel” (Revised)
  • 2022/03/15Boss Battle 74 “Dragon World” (Revised)
  • 2022/03/14Boss Battle 10 “Titan” (Revised)

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